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About a year ago I thought I'd like to attempt the NST (New Series TARDIS).  Round about this time, "Turn Left" aired and at the end the Doctor finds the TARDIS has been affected by the Bad Wolf meme, and all the panels and signs simply feature variations on the words "Bad" and "Wolf".

I was immediately fired up.  That was the model I would build!  The Bad Wolf Box!  And so, after proudly posting my intention on the Tardis Rebuilders Forum I did...absolutely nothing about it for the next year.

Then a few months ago, an updated PDF of plans for the NST were posted on the forum. I downloaded it, scaled it up, and dusted off my remaining sheet of mounting card.  The Bad Wolf Box was finally on the way. 

I used my usual method of cutting out 4 faces (designated N, S, W, E for ease of building), and apart from the fact that the NST's panels are a lot wider than a Met box, the build proceeded pretty much as usual.

By this stage I've glued in the window frames and given them several coats of blue. This is because it's impossible to stick the windows in and then paint the frames afterwards, without getting paint on the "glass".  To mimic the sort of opaque "whiteness" of the NST's windows (because I won't have a light inside) I've used pieces of translucent plastic cut out of several 4-pint supermarket milk bottles. 

However the side posts of the NST are a bit different to a Met box in that the corners meet in a simple 90 angle, which means I need a sharply defined edge.  I've recreated this by building up the posts with successive alternating layers of card, each one overlapping by the width of the other side's card.  You can just see how they intermesh in Picture 4 below.  This was actually a very precise process.  Since the card is 1.5mm thick I had to keep adding 1.5mm to the width of the next piece...if you see what I mean.  Took me ages, but was more time-consuming than difficult.

This also shows that weird "inset" section around where the signs go. 

I've also glued on the sign-boxes (Picture 5) using my usual method of building up flat layers.  The final layer will be the recessed one where the signs go, but I have now run out of card.

I've bought some more card, so now to continue. Before I do, here's a shot without flash, which shows that the old card has been lying around for a while and has gone a bit yellow!   Not a problem as this will be covered by primer and paint. 

Right, now I've jumped ahead here (Picture 2 below), because putting the base on is really just sticking a wide shallow box on.  However the NST has a sloped base which is something I've never attempted before. 

Luckily after a couple of false starts I managed it, with a few alterations where my measurements weren't quite up to scratch.  I don't think it looks too bad, and the paint will hide a multitude of sins.

The final roof box is now on (Picture's 4 & 5 - note the lighter card!), and I've tidied up and finished the tops of the corner posts.

That's it for now, until I get some time to do the stacked roof.  Then it's the lamp...

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