Building a Model TARDIS

Part Four

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Lots of Painting...

Here's the completed lamp assembly.  Use of a paint shield is also essential when doing the blue round the windows.

I do like this colour blue.  Not looking too bad now (though this is only the first coat).  Funny but it's quite sad to watch all the detail being covered up by the uniformity of the paint.  On the other hand, it will hide a lot of my errors!

Well that's it for now...because unfortunately I have run out of paint.  Luckily for me it is freely available on eBay, so I've just PayPal'd another pot!

Rhapsody in Blue

One delivered pot of Royal Blue Acrylic later...  It's had about 2 coats now and I'm leaving the base until the last minute.  It's still got a lot of little white specks that could do with being "touched-up", and the camera shows them up very well.  Unfortunately when you're painting it, the reflections off the surface make these very hard to see.  In fact with such a dark paint job it's getting harder to photograph.  I had to severely lighten the third one along in PaintShopPro. 

It must be the artificial light of the flash you know, but it doesn't look this colour in real life.   However, I think it looks OK so far, even if the window frames do look a bit ragged.

Oh...and look what's just made an appearance on the left-hand panel!

Signs of the Times (and Relative Dimension in Space)

As you see, the phone sign went on successfully, so now to the rather more difficult task of the roof signs.  They're 70mm by 8mm and printed on laser acetate.  The background is blue and the words are clear, so I have to paint the back with white acrylic, then cut them out.  Luckily I've got 4 sets of 4 on the sheet so I can afford to make a few mistakes.

I hadn't noticed that you can actually see the boundary between the 4 printouts, which will make it easier to cut. Yes I know I said I wasn't going to do a St John sign...and although I've painted it, I've not cut it out yet, and I still may not stick it on...

On the other hand, maybe I will... 

All Done Bar the Shouting

St Johns Sign is on.  Very difficult cutting round it (as you can see from the picture above), 'cos although my hand may be steady, my eyesight's not fantastic.  Still...funky TARDIS, right?

Now to do the roof signs.  Had to slightly snip a mm or so off the end of a couple of them, but other than that they went on well.  Rubbed a bit of glue onto the interior of the signboxes with my finger, then gently pushed the signs into place.  Looks OK with them on.  In fact looks better than the rest of it. 

And finally one of those "perspective" shots that always makes the TARDIS look so good.  

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