Building a Model TARDIS

Part Five

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Pose for the Camera, luv...

OK I haven't completely finished, as I've still got the door handles to do (Stop Press: I've done the handles.  See further down), but the painting's done, so let's get out in the garden for some posey shots.  We start off with Attack of the Killer Tortoise, followed by some standard Jungle shots (it's the planet Kembel!).

Next the TARDIS materialises on a wide featureless plain, somewhere on the planet Trampoline.

Oooo, look what's landed in our garden!

Handles - Two pieces of copper earth wire from inside a piece of coaxial arial lead.  The glue should be invisible once dried.  I scored the part of the wire that goes inside the door, to give the glue something to grip on.

The End...Or The Beginning...

The Police Box now has a lock. This was created by drilling a hole into the card with a gimlet, snipping off a small piece of cotton bud, and covering the end with some of the gold foil from a Ferrero Roche.  I then squirted PVA glue into the hole, pushed the makeshift lock in, and then touched up the edges with more paint after it dried.

Not too bad so long as you don't get too close.

So there we go.  How to build a model Police Box in just a month.  I hope my modest effort inspires Dr Who fans and amateur model-makers to give it a go.  The rewards are...well, your own model Police Box to fondle and look at every day!  Plus you can do fancy mock-ups like this:

Time to go.   Vworp...Vworp!!!!!

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