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Takes a lot of painting this does.  This is after about 5 coats of red, and some weathering.  Mainly pencil shavings to get it good and dirty - shaved 4B lead using the side of a matchbox, applied with a dry brush.

The bits of dried glue on the signs are because they were a bit too short and a bit too bright a red. So I took them off again.  I'm going to try and get some darker and longer signs printed out.

June 21st - Happy Solstice!  Well I got some new signs done, a much darker red.  I've stuck them on, touched up any dodgy bits of red, and applied a first coat of matt varnish.

Once more the flash glares everything out, so these are taken without flash.  It makes things a bit more yellow than they should be (the roof sign writing is plain white), but I don't think it looks too bad.  I'm afraid I've taken artistic licence and put all 4 "Fire Brigade" roof signs on, even though I remember at least 2 being missing. 

If nothing else, it's certainly the most niche model I've ever seen.  I mean there probably aren't a thousand people alive in the world today who would recognise what this is.  I remember the windows being basically sheets of metal painted over with the same red paint, but with the rust showing through.  Even a non-flash photo still tends to obscure the weathering, but trust me, it's there.

I've tried to be pretty accurate with the front of the box as well.  The door is similar to the Crich box, and appears to be either on backwards, or simply with filled-in panels.  The handle is gone, leaving two holes.   I couldn't see a keyhole on my photos, so I guess it was long since filled in and painted over. 

So there we go.  My homage to a unique variant of the Metropolitan Police Box... is finally finished.


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