Season 18 Hybrid


OK, here's my 4th (and 5th) build. 

I started out intending to do a Yardley-Jones prop, probably from round about Logopolis.  I had the plans, I just needed the inclination.  Well that came in the form of a request from a friend of a friend to build a couple of models for Christmas presents.  Sounded like an ideal opportunity to finally get my YJ going.  I was also aware that it wasn't long till Christmas (this was Sept 14th), so I thought I'd see just how quickly I could do a model build.  After seven days I had completed the box apart from the base & the lamp, and I'd followed my Season 18 plans. 

Unfortunately at this point I found out that the recipient was probably a New Season fan!

Could I change it into a New Season box at this stage? Probably not, so I thought what's the most glaring difference between the New Season TARDIS and Tom Baker's old box?  Well actually they're very similar, apart from a few minor differences - the most noticeable being the phone panel colour. So if I gave it a white panel instead of a grey one, I'd get away with a Yardley-Jones prop.

Like so:

Picture 2: Here's a shot with all the roof signs on, and the door-handles

Picture 3: And here's that infamous 3-support lamp, which was a real bugger to make

Picture 4: Now for a nice posey shot

I actually had two commissions.  This was the second box I made - a standard Metropolitan Police Box - because the person this is going to is in their 50s, so I figured they'd like an older model. 

Picture 1: Much the same build as my first ever box, but this time I used a Matt varnish (my 1st build is still gloss finish - I may change it)

Pictures 2 & 3: Posey shots. Note phone handle on other side. 

Picture 4: Very interesting to compare the differences between the two

Finally here's some shots "on location" (out in the garden, nestling in the Mind Your Business).

And just for completeness, here's the whole family together.  From the left, Met Box1, Mile End Box, Pertwee Box, Met Box2, and Yardley-Jones hybrid:

- Dave Oct 2008














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