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February 2010: Using a couple of full frontal photos of the new prop out on location, I managed to put together a  decent plan for the New TARDIS for the 2010 series of Doctor Who.  I also decided to see if I could complete a model before the new series started in April.  Well I did...and I didn't...

As usual the monotony of cutting out the 4 faces starts, and as usual the window panes are the worst.

This time however I use a special kind of knife-blade.  Like a chisel, it relies on a steady hand, and makes the job a lot more monotonous...but a lot quicker.  Plus it allows me to make the frames a lot thinner.

Pretty soon it's time to glue.  First a wide piece of card on the back to make the panels.  Then on with the windows and they look quite good.  Thin is in!  Now I have to paint the frames before I glue the glass on the back.  That means a couple of coats of primer, followed by some matt white acrylic.  This new TARDIS has white windows. 

OK, 4 sides done.  The painting is dull, but after I've left it to dry for a couple of days it's time to stick the "glass" in.  Cut out pieces of supermarket milk bottle are still the best I've found for texture.

The new TARDIS prop seems to have two distinct shades of grey glass, so I do the same by painting the back of each "pane" with one of two matt grey acrylics.

After several days of coating and re-coating, I feel it's done.  So I glue a panel on the back. Don't want a pane of glass falling inside the box two years down the line!

Now to put the box together!  Those windows had better be glued for good, because they're about to be sealed in forever.

Here's the roof (Pic 1 below).  Instead of gluing it on top, I'm going to fit it into the top of the box.  It'll help keep it from warping.

Now to start building up the corner posts.  Same as the Bad Wolf box. Since this prop is much the same as Tennant & Eccleston's, the corner posts are pretty sharply angled.  So once more I use a slow but steady system of overlapping layers to build up the posts.  I figure about 4 layers of thickness will be enough.  My card is 1.5mm thick, so that'll be around 6mm, which is about right at this scale.

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