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3rd April 2010

A work colleague would like a TARDIS, so who am I to refuse?  He's a McCoy fan, so he'll like the standard Yardley Jones build (with the correct signs and colour).

The last two YJ models I've made have been for other people, leaving me without one of my own.  So this time I think I'll try two builds in parallel - one McCoy era and one Tom Baker era.  I started last week, and the 8 primary faces are cut and panelled-up.

Roll on June (!!)

I finally carry on with the build almost two months later.  It was so daunting cutting out 8 sides and 16 window frames that I couldn't face putting it all together.  However now here it is. 

First I glued all 16 of the window frames into their correct places.  Next - painting.  I've decided I'm going to go for two different colour models here, so one set of windows is done in my old traditional Royal Blue, the other in a Flat Blue.  White primer undercoat of course.  When that's dry, I glue squares of Milk Bottle plastic on the back. 

Finally I do my usual series of cardboard struts up and down the inside, to give the box strength and prevent "bowing".  However I don't want light shining through the windows and showing up the inside, so I decide to compartmentalise the top of the box so each set of windows is isolated from the others.  This gives me an idea about straightening the top.  I calculate exactly how long these struts are to make a right-angled triangle.  This has the effect of actually forcing the top into a (relatively) perfect square.  Chuffed with my good idea, I make a thinner one for the bottom of the box.

Here's what the inside looks like from underneath.  That bowing of the sides is actually the "barrel" effect of my new digital camera, not the sides themselves.  Although I previously used the idea of the roof tabs fitting "inside" the box to force it square, I'd honestly forgotten that method, so went for the usual here.  It looks square enough, though, so no harm done.

11th July

Two snuggly-fitting bases now on.  Look at that precision fit!  The boxes are now sealed.

17th July

The corner posts are now fitted, by building up layers of card.  The last layer is wider, and it has to be sealed off with a long thin strip of beading pushed (and glued) down into it.

Oh, and I've done the bases too...

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